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KCAUK Covid Food Kit Distribution



The pandemic of Covid-19 has a shocking impact in our great country, especially in Newham. The need for support is far greater than any other area, with over 3000 people depending on free food kit supply. Those who are affected by Covid-19 includes students, people who lost their job and those unable to earn.

Kerala Catholic Association of the UK partnered with MAUK in distributing food kits to the needy on 11th May 2020. Kits were distributed to more than 500 people 

The next food kit distribution is at 6 pm on the 25th May 2020 at Thattukada Restaurant, 229 High Street North, London E6 1JG

Over the coming weeks we will continue to do this to help the needy.

"KCAUK building community's well being, by uplifting others"

Stay Alert        Control the virus       Save lives

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